Lookin' Good: Man Gets Son's Doodles Tattooed On Arm

February 2, 2015


At first I thought it said doodies and I was all 'Sick!' then I realized it said doodles and calmed down. Meet father Keith Anderson, who has gotten a different one of his son's doodles tattooed on his right arm every year since his son turned four. I think he's like 11 or 12 now. Beautiful idea, isn't it? It also doesn't hurt that his son is actually a pretty talented artist. I wouldn't agree to get any of my son's drawings tattooed until I at least saw what he was capable of. And just what is this supposed to be, son? "It's a penis." A penis?! How do you even know about those things? "I read Geekologie." Your mother is going to kill me.

Keep going for a bunch of closeups of the drawings and equivalent tattoos. All photos by Chance Faulkner.


Thanks to LeAnn, who mentioned wanted a tattoo of her spirit animal but didn't mention what her spirit animal is. THE NOT KNOWING IS KILLING ME.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Is his son actually tattooing him as well? Or is the Tattooer have that Benjamin button disease?

  • kevin

    Meanwhile: Parents around the world work hard and love their kids without seeking internet validation.

  • Hamza

    Very nice and Best tattoo

  • Fred

    That kid is just going to be immune to being grounded... otherwise his dad is going to end up covered in cocks.

  • Kevin

    don't quit your day job kid

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    I like the seahorse one, especially.

  • cardstock

    He looks like the Jean Valjean of meth dealers.

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