Light-Up BTTF2 Time Traveling DeLorean iPhone Case

February 17, 2015


Remember that 1989 Batmobile iPhone 6 case from earlier this month? Well now Crazy Case is back with this Back to the Future II time traveling DeLorean iPhone 6 case. It costs $50 and has headlights that flash when you get a call. Plus the pipes in the back light-up blue. Plus it has a panel that slides to the side so you can still access your phone's camera. Plus -- PLUS -- I really want one. I don't care if doesn't fit in the pockets of any of my skinny jeans, love will find a way. "Wait -- you wear skinny jeans?" Well, no, I wear really wide-legged jeans, I just call them skinny jeans because my penis is so-- "Just stop there." You asked!

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a video.








  • Alexander Pagan

    how am i supposed to buy one i cant read what it says!?

  • Xockszky

    It would be just lovely to have a cell phone that's more bulky than a landline.

  • Quilan Hanniffy

    It's by crazy case you muppet. It's crazy! Cheer up, it's just a fun toy.

  • Tyguy

    Way cooler than the batmobile one.

  • Seth Ross

    Is this available for the 6 PLUS??

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