It's A...It's A...It's A Martian!: 24-Year Old Astrophysics Student Wants To Be First To Have A Baby On Mars

February 17, 2015


24-year old British astrophysics student Maggie Lieu wants to be the first to have a Martian baby (like, giving birth to a baby on Mars, not a tentacle-fingered alien). And she actually might be -- she's one of the remaining 100 candidates still in the running for becoming the first four humans to step foot on the red planet as part of the Mars One mission, departing 2024. Unfortunately, the baby will grow up with no play-friends. Plus have to be home schooled.

"I think it would be really exciting to have a child because it would be the first real Martian," Ms Lieu, from Coventry, told the Independent. "I don't know what race or nationality it would be because there are no countries on Mars - yet."

"Nobody knows the effects low gravity would have on a foetus. Also, the high levels of radiation would make the guys infertile. So I don't know if it would work but if you want to start a colony, you have to reproduce."

Okay, so the Mars One mission plans on taking about 7 months to reach the planet. Which means Maggie is either going to have to get pregnant before the ship leaves (unlikely, I doubt they'd even let her travel with a baby -- or if it's even possible), or pick one of the TWO guys on the one-way trip to get pregnant. Or hope they send more eligible bachelors later. Or -- OR -- freeze some sperm now and take it with her. Hopefully clearly labeled, so nobody accidentally adds it to their coffee thinking it's freeze dried creamer.

Thanks to Lauren C, who wants to be the first person to have a baby on the sun. Haha --too late, Lauren, I've already had several.

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