LEGO Producing A Doctor Who Playset (Plus WALL-E!)

February 5, 2015


After receiving enough votes on the LEGO Ideas website, and being reviewed by LEGO (not to mention securing the licensing rights), the company has announced they will be producing Doctor Who and WALL-E playsets later this year. Sadly, they will both appear clearly written near the top of my Christmas list, but Santa won't bring them. You know why? "Because Santa doesn't exist?" Because I probably won't be that good this yea-- WAIT, WHAT?!

Keep going for a video tour of the proposed Doctor Who set, as well as a couple shots of WALL-E.




Thanks to Matt C, whose idea for a LEGO sex toy set surprisingly hasn't taken off yet. Hey -- give it some time.

  • Guest


  • Marla Singer

    So basically you have to pay $100 for a Lego Dalek!!!

  • Marla Singer

    I prefer Wall-e.

  • Beeronious

    I am going to have this story posted on my wall about 26 times by 3-5 different people.

  • Riz

    [and wall-e] wtf?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I have the Character Building TARDIS and over half of it is custom bricks... I can't wait to get a legitimate Lego TARDIS! Now Harry Potter and Gollum can see all of space and time!!

  • Kahlif Phillips

    I stared at the Weeping Angel figure until it loaded. I take no chances.

  • Lego! Doctor! Who!
    I just wet myself in excitement.

  • ZerglingPack

    So for those Doctor Who sets I'm guessing they in the ball park of $100-200, because you know Doctor Who and Lego...

  • Big McLargehuge


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