Giant Playstation Controller Coffee Table

February 9, 2015


This is the giant Playstation controller coffee table made and sold by Etsy shop WoodCurve. It weighs about 100 pounds and costs $3,000. That's $30/pound. For reference, I just bought some sea scallops for right around $18/pound, and they were f***ing delicious. Sadly, being a previous generation Playstation 3 controller, this coffee table is quickly becoming obsolete. Me? I want a coffee table that looks like a cheeseburger. Does that exist? I'm hungry.

Keep going for a couple more shots including the game storage area.




Thanks to my buddy c-nasty, whose entire apartment is disgusting. I don't even go over there anymore, I'll only meet him out.

  • No.

  • AmselZephlyn

    I wonder if it's functional

  • hmmmm

    something doesn't look right

  • Wiley

    It's a Playstation controller to begin with, so it already doesn't look right by default ha. I hope whoever made this is enjoying it, but that controller's design doesn't call "table" for me.

  • Peach

    Jealous! Lol

  • Wiley

    I understand the easy thought process of thinking I would be, but I'm not in the least. I have no feelings, nostalgic or just in general, for anything playstation related besides a few choice titles. And nothing good to say about the PS controllers of any gen. I've never liked the feel of their analog sticks at all. But that's just defending a point, I did say I hope they enjoy it, I'm aware it's all a matter of taste.

  • codyssooriginal

    Pure nostalgia. You don't like the PlayStation controllers because
    you have fond memories of playing the Xbox when you were younger...
    than you are today. So basically this is all made up of no
    stalgia. Anyone can see that.

  • Coody

    You're comment only gained relevance in its final sentence. Controllers are ALL down to preference and what you've used for the longest time. I myself can't use Xbox controllers, the sticks are too stiff, plastic too slippy n I get cramp after about half hour.

    Where ive used Playstation controllers for over 15 years n they are unequalled for me personally.

  • Wiley

    relevance to what... he said I was jealous, my comment immediately addressed that, I was fully aware of how I was closing it... You are just stating the obvious for the sake of it? And Cody... (coody and cody :O crazy business) what point are you adding as well? I don't have fond memories of playing the Xbox as much as Nintendo but assume away, yes... this is about nostalgia which I have none of for the Playstation, I think that was obvious.

  • Oh my..!? (faints over the utter beauty of this object)

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