Game Night Is Coming: Game Of Thrones Monopoly

February 20, 2015


This is the soon-to-be-released Game of Thrones edition Monopoly game. The traditional game tokens have been replaced with a direwolf, dragon egg, the Iron Throne, a crown, White Walker and three-eyed raven, and the houses and hotels have been replaced with keeps and villages. Plus all the properties and money are Game of Thrones themed as well. It still plays like a regular game of Monopoly though, complete with the banker casually stealing money for themselves and the loser flipping the board and telling all their friends to go to hell. Stupid game night, I HATE YOU ALL.

Keep going for a shot of the board with game pieces and money.


Thanks to Tam, who has every intention of inviting a bunch of people over for game night, then being really quiet and not answering the door when then come. CLASSIC.

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