Finally, A Decent Hello Kitty Electronic Toilet Seat

February 20, 2015


Because who's never dreamed of dropping a steaming load in a cat's mouth, this is the prototype Hello Kitty toilet seat from Sanrio. It comes with all the bells and whistles like a seat warmer and warm water butthole sprayer. Just take a look at that control panel -- that thing has more buttons than my cable remote. I'm afraid I would be too intimated to use that. You think you're pushing the robotic ass-wiping button but in reality you just activated the turd sucking vacuum and now its got a hold of your balls and is trying to suck them down the tube. Honestly, I don't even have a proper toilet seat on the toilet in my apartment, I just cut a hole in a couch cushion and sit on that. It's never cold in the morning, so that's cool.

Thanks to Dougie, who doesn't care what his toilet seat looks like, just as long as the toilet flushes without overflowing.

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