Fake Sharpie Tactical Marker Is Made For Stabbing

February 25, 2015


This is the already funded Indiegogo campaign for Pointe Tactical Markers. At first glance they look like regular Sharpies, at second glance you've already been stabbed. The Pointe comes in two styles: the snub-nosed "concealed" version that still looks like a Sharpie even with the cap off, and one that that leaves no mistake it was clearly made for gouging eyes out. Both are made from hardened stainless steel spikes, and cost $25.

Meet the Pointie: a practical, tactical, concealable self-defense and survival tool. Put simply, it's a hardened stainless steel spike inside of a familiar marker body. The Pointie can be used as a glass breaker, a backwoods hiking tool, and anything in between. Except as a writing utensil. It won't do that.

So the next time some would-be mugger demands all your money, just tell them you'll write them an I.O.U., then GET TO STABBING. That's what I would do. Granted I'd probably pull out the wrong Sharpie and wind up drawing a crude penis on their face while they shoot me, but at least I tried.

Keep going for their product launch video.

Thanks to BBQ, who agrees the best defense is a strong offense. Plus footage of all the other team's plays. Back me up, Bill Belichick!

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