Do They Feel Real?: Giant Anime Cosplay Boobs For Sale

February 25, 2015


Twitter user Namechiru made these giant prosthetic anime-style boobs for use with cosplay costumes. I just bought a pair along with a French maid costume, and I have every intention of opening my own kinky maid cleaning service. *bending over feather dusting lampshade* Like what you see, monsieur? "Wait -- is that a penis?" Uh-oh. *dives out window* Same time next week?!

You don't have to mash your breasts together, or even show much of your own actual cleavage. It's a comfortable cosplay item that helps you change you into the character you want to be.

Namechiru estimates the fake breasts to be around E or G cups, which are plenty big enough to double as neck pillows on a long flight. *whipping giant fake tits out of carry-on* Warm milk, anyone? I'm kidding, somebody wake me up before final decent.

Keep going for several more shots of the possibilities.




Thanks to my buddy Michael V, who is currently wearing two pairs: one in the front and one in the back.

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