Death Wishes: Russian Wearing Bulletproof Helmet Lets Buddy Shoot Him In The Head

February 16, 2015


Because somebody always has to draw the short straw, this is allegedly a real video of some Ruskie wearing a Russian special forces K6-3 titanium helmet while his buddy shoots him right in the face. Is it real? You can argue about it all you want in the comments, but these guys are Russians so of course it's real. I bet they even shot another video right after of the same guy trying to catch a bullet with his hands.

Keep going for the video, then put a cast-iron skillet under your shirt and offer to let somebody punch you as hard as they cant. PROTIP: Insist it has to be in the stomach.

Thanks to Joseph R, who doesn't even trust any friends enough to let them shoot him with a Nerf gun.

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