Dare To Dream: Avatar Tattoo Guy's Legs Are All Blue Now

February 18, 2015


So I guess I completely forgot about Iggy the Avatar Tattoo guy since May of 2013, but apparently he's still around, and still Avatar-ing his face off. His latest tattoo additions include getting the rest of his striped legs filled in with a lighter blue, as well as a couple chest, shoulder and forearm pieces. It doesn't actually look like he's gotten any more work done on his back since then, which makes sense because it's already a masterpiece and belongs in a museum alongside the Mona Lisa or a sculpture of a dude with a limp dong.

Keep going for a bunch more pics which I had to Photoshop together in mosaics because Mr. Avatar is trying as hard as possible to make his webpage look like a mid-90's Geocities website. And yes, he's still rocking the camo thong.






Thanks to me, for remembering something for once in my life. Just not something that good, mind you.

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