Damn Mother Nature, You Beautiful: Oregon Waterfall Looks Like A Giant Dragon Eye

February 10, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE in case you're looking for a new desktop background and/or want to see if you can spot any bunnies humping in the bushes (I had no luck).

This is 'Eye Of The Waterfall', a photo taken by photographer Jarred Decker of an Oregon waterfall that looks suspiciously like a massive dragon's eye. You can buy prints of the shot HERE, or do what I did and print out little versions, cut them out and tape them to your own eyes, then run around the office pretending you're a fire-breathing dragon. I even threw wads of burning paper towel for ADDED REALISM. Now the carpet in the conference room is on fire and hopefully we get to go home early.

Thanks to Jazz, who made a reference to his own one-eyed dragon, which I ignored because seriously, grow up. So immature.

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