Cool!: Homemade R/C Millennium Falcon Quadrocopter

February 4, 2015


These are a couple videos of a homemade R/C Millennium Falcon quadrocopter. It is most impressive, especially the LED light effects in the back -- that was a nice touch. Plus if you squint your eyes and shake your head a little while you watch the videos you can almost convince yourself you're actually watching Star Wars. Trust me, I tried it, and it worked. Now I have a headache. And a boner. Terrible combo. You know what I need? "Aspirin?" Okay I was going to say Taco Bell, but I will take some ibuprofen if you're offering.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to my pal and future killer Terry, who has like six of those expensive lightsaber replicas that light up and make sounds when you hit each other with them. And to Brad, who doesn't have any of those lightsabers, but wishes he did.

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