Cat Kool-Aid Mans It Through Snowbank To Return Home

February 19, 2015


This is a video of Youtuber Ann Got's cat (which will now affectionately be known as the Kool-Aid Cat) blasting through a snowbank to return home after a snowstorm in one of those places that got a bunch of snow recently. So probably not southern California. The look on that cat's face -- I feel like he witnessed things out there. Unspeakable horrors. Yetis banging? Snowmen boning? Yetis boning snowmen?! *shivers* I bet he's just happy to be back inside.

Keep going for the whole video. Also, Ann ensures everybody that they love their pets and the cat wasn't thrown through the snowbank, and the movement you see behind the cat is one of their dogs. MHMM.

Thanks to AyeAye, who is curled up by the fire even as we speak (technically while I type and you read).

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