Aww: Mother And Father Get Tattoos Matching Daughter's Birthmarks So She Doesn't Feel So Alone

February 27, 2015


18-month old Honey-Rae was left with red birthmarks covering the right side of her body after complications during birth. And now her parents have gotten tattoos of her birthmarks on their own bodies so she feels special and not so alone in this cold, harsh world. When my parents saw I was born with part of a tail? They tried selling me to a traveling circus. "We didn't try to SELL you, son, we tried to give you away." My dad, ladies and gentlemen!

Keep going for several more shots of the happy family.

  • Chargglez

    Her pep pep looks like a powerlifter. Dem quads!

  • Lo Pan

    Why wouldn't they just take the money they spent on tattoos and use it towards skin treatments for their daughter?

  • WronglyRabbit

    First of all those blemishes don't have anything to due to "complications" during birth, and secondly, they can go away on their own as the child matures. These people are possibly too stupid to raise kids as they apparently like to blame anything wrong with their kid on medical "complications" (god only knows if they got their kid vaccinated). Why the hell is this on geekologie?

  • Claude Rains

    i'm glad my parents got a third thumb each....wait....they didn't. and i had to deal with that for 35 years now. shit! i should be a whiny-bitch about now! smh

  • The Supreme Gentleman

    Asinine beyond belief.

  • Soen

    Now that's going to be awesome when, as she grows up, it will fade and eventually disappear. And then the adults will have these ridiculous splodges all over them.

  • Wiley

    And if their child was blind or something? Don't get me wrong, I find it really sweet of them to show this kind of comradery with their child. I just don't think it's a must by any means. I wonder how this compares to an albino being born or if someone is flamboyant or gay, or if they have freckles etc... Do you need to fit the same bill? Your children are who they are. You be who you are. And if there's a next child who is spot free, how are they going to feel? Or how are you going to feel about them? This just makes things more complicated.

  • Brad Walton

    That little girl gives zero fucks about it now, and oddly enough, this is the only time something like this would be considered a sweet thing to do. This is one of those "look at me, I'm a good parent because I did some stupid shit my kid will eventually hate" stories. I'm sure these parents had good intentions, but the internet twists people's idea of what is actually good parenting.

    Maybe just don't put your kid on the internet. Try not to make a big deal about it. Or maybe even realize that's HER birthmark. Everybody, think about your birthmark/s. Yep, your parents got a tattoo of it, and they like to show you and other people, and tell you how much they love you. Ewwwwww!!!!!

  • Claude Rains

    i like this post.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    She's gonna be so confused when she finally realizes that everybody doesn't have birthmarks all over their right sides!

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Nah, it is like if your family is the only one with curly hair in the neighborhood, the kid won't get confused that the other people don't have curly hair.

  • Michael Knight

    ok, or teach your kid that her self worth has nothing to do with her looks.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Nice, but now they need to get her a sweet biker tattoo on her calf, to even things out.

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