And Only $27!: Officially Licensed Dragon Ball Z Shoes

February 5, 2015


These are the officially licensed Dragon Ball Z sneakers available from Heredia Clothing in Mexico. They cost 400 pesos (~$27) a pair and are available in Vegeta, Goku and Trunks varieties. $27? That's a steal! You know much my last pair of Jordans cost? That was a trick question, I've never owned a pair of Jordans. I only wear steel-toed work boots. Especially to bed, because I don't want to stub my toes stumbling to the fridge for a midnight snack. Now my girlfriend refuses to sleep in the same bed as me because I am a NIGHT THRASHER. I have seriously kicked holes through the wall in my sleep.

Keep going for a video of the shoes in Spanish.

Thanks to Saturn, hands down one of my favorite nine planets in the solar system.

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