Young Boy Gets 3-D Printed Clone Trooper Prosthetic Arm

January 15, 2015


7-year old Liam Porter was born without the lower part of his left arm and wore a prosthetic that was useless (looked like a mannequin arm with no functionality). Thankfully, due to there still being decent people on this planet (or is earth a moon?), he was just presented with a 3-D printed clone trooper inspired arm that he can actually use to grab things. Awww -- high five, little guy!

[Designer John] Peterson developed the out-of-this-world limb through the nonprofit organization E-Nable, which provides children with these type of prosthetics made with 3-D printers.

In a video of the ceremony, Liam is immediately able to flex his fist and pick up a cup.

Because it is made with individual plastic pieces the device can be easily modified as Liam gets older, he said.

Beautiful story, isn't it? It's always nice to be reminded there are good, kind-hearted people in this world and not just a bunch of people like everyone I know. If I was missing an arm, you know what my friends would give me? A hacksaw to take off the other one so they match.

Keep going for a video of Liam receiving his new arm.

Thanks to Chase, who wants prosthetic Rancor arms to smash things.

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