Wait, Who Invited You?: Beer Pong Dominating Robot

January 6, 2015


This is a video of Empire Robotic's Versaball robot demonstrating its beer pong skills. Obviously, it's the exact opposite kind of robot you want showing up at your next keg party. Or one with chainsaws or machine guns for arms.

If you're not familiar with Empire Robotic's Versaball robot, it's worth checking out just for the "oh damn, that's clever" moment you'll have when you realize how the "gripper" is able to pick stuff up.

The short version of how it works: that ball is stuffed with a sand-like material. They push air into the ball, allowing the sand to move easily within. They push the air-filled ball onto whatever object needs to be gripped -- then suck the air out of the ball. Remove the air, and the sand has nowhere to move. Now it has a perfectly-formed grip on whatever it was wrapped around.

A perfectly-formed grip, eh? Well let's see how it handles-- "Please don't say your penis." What? No way! You think I'd trust my Push-Pop to some Kung-Fu grip handjob robot? You're crazy. "No, you're crazy!" Listen -- your mom called me and told me you're for-real crazy and to be nice and not tell you but now I'm telling you to win this argument. Sorry you had to find out this way.

Keep going for the video, then get pissed the robots are even taking away our drinking games.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees you shouldn't be allowed to play beer pong if you can't drink the cups the other team makes.

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