Who Comes Up With This Stuff?: Dinosaurs As Food Treats

January 7, 2015


This is 'Jurassic Sweet', a mashup by artist Alejo Malia imagining dinosaurs as delicious treats. And here I've thought dinosaurs were sweet enough without a sugary coating. Speaking of -- what do you think dinosaurs smelled like? Because in my mind velociraptors smelled like Axe body spray. T-rexes? T-rexes probably smelled like shit. That doesn't mean I wouldn't still bang them, it just means I'd wear a gas mask and I'm not cuddling afterwards. T-rexes make terrible big spoons anyways on account of their stubby little arms. *throwing blankets off* You don't even love me!

Keep going for a bunch more.






Thanks to Carmen, who agree it's only a matter of time until time-traveling chefs are bringing back dinosaur steaks to sell at their fancy restaurants.

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