What's That Have To Do With Soda?: Pepsi's 2,015 Mousetrap And Ping Pong Ball Commercial

January 8, 2015


To celebrate the new year/sell soda, this is a Pepsi Max commercial featuring 2,014 mousetraps and 2,015 ping pong balls in a massive chain reaction of pandemonium. I remember Mr. Wizard doing this when I was a kid. Except Mr. Wizard wasn't trying to sell sugar-free caffeine bombs, he was trying to PROVIDE AN EDUCATION. Also, how is a bunch of mousetraps and ping pong balls supposed to make me want a Pepsi Max? Because it didn't. Although now I do wish I'd written this with a ping pong ball in my mouth.

Keep going for the ad, as well as a making-of video.

Thanks to Mountain Dew Only, who knows what he/she likes.

  • Keiron Jack Cairns

    i think its ment to represent the bubbles and the opening of a can then with the colours that is when the taste hits you

  • Meh

    What a waste of energy and time.

  • Jenness

    I'm not a fan of the whole 'Behind the Scenes' trend actually becoming a part of all the product advertising roll outs.

    Kind of ridiculous Pepsi (and all the others) get talked into paying to film the director & whole crew's pretentious video resume.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I completely agree, I honestly don't care about 5 mins of hugging and crying after the video.

  • m0ik

    It shows the wild side of diabetes

  • Jenness


  • Lucas Testa

    this makes me want a coke

  • n_a_a_s

    makes me want to buy hundreds of mousetraps

  • MustacheHam

    It makes me want to rewatch that scene from Mouse Hunt where the brothers set up hundreds of mousetraps while using good cheese and cracker toppings to capture one mouse.

  • brodyc

    It reminds me of the classic Jackass mousetrap clip.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Because it resembles bubbles in a carbonated drink and is the colors of the pepsi logo?

  • Siegfoult

    "Also, how is a bunch of mousetraps and ping pong balls supposed to make me want a Pepsi Max?"

    Its not supposed to make you want to drink Pepsi, its supposed to make you talk about Pepsi.

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