What's That Have To Do With Soda?: Pepsi's 2,015 Mousetrap And Ping Pong Ball Commercial

January 8, 2015


To celebrate the new year/sell soda, this is a Pepsi Max commercial featuring 2,014 mousetraps and 2,015 ping pong balls in a massive chain reaction of pandemonium. I remember Mr. Wizard doing this when I was a kid. Except Mr. Wizard wasn't trying to sell sugar-free caffeine bombs, he was trying to PROVIDE AN EDUCATION. Also, how is a bunch of mousetraps and ping pong balls supposed to make me want a Pepsi Max? Because it didn't. Although now I do wish I'd written this with a ping pong ball in my mouth.

Keep going for the ad, as well as a making-of video.

Thanks to Mountain Dew Only, who knows what he/she likes.

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