Time-Lapse Of A 17 x 17 Rubik's Cube Being Solved

January 2, 2015


This is a time-lapse (plus BONUS unedited 8-hour video) of Kenneth Brandon (who has two first names) solving a massive 17 x 17 Rubik's cube. For reference, that is entirely too many squares to be solving. Personally, I always carry a solved 3 x 3 Rubik's cube in my pocket in case I ever go to a friend's house who has one I can pretend I solved theirs. I'm tricky. You know that game CLUE? It was actually me, in the guest bedroom, with a dog leash, but nobody knows that. Also, it was accidental -- somebody forgot the safe word. And that person was me, although I realize now it was probably "bananas", because that was weird to hear somebody yell so much for no reason.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Shannon S, who can solve a 100 x 100 Rubik's cube but chooses not to because ain't nobody got time for that.

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