There Will Be Tears: Budweiser's Lost Dog Super Bowl Ad

January 28, 2015


Feel like crying at work today? Cool, just watch this. Then on Sunday during the actual Super Bowl you can feel confident going to the bathroom during the commercials knowing you've already seen them all.

Keep going for the commercial, then go home and hug your pets and cry into their fur.

Thanks to Melissa, who bet me I couldn't watch it without crying and won.

  • NoobMaster69 is a free agent

    Now I have to kick babies and kill unicorns to get my manhood back

  • n_a_a_s

    wtf is sad about this... the dog came back, that's it.

    it's over, go home

  • cardstock

    Dammit Budweiser's ad agency...You got something in my eye.

  • rocjoe

    And now everyone's going want a Clydesdale.

  • hairycodger

    Makes sense, they make their beer from dog piss.

  • soybomb

    huh. i thought it was dumb...

  • Souichirou

    DAM YOU ! why must you make me by a puppy !

  • Touching video but I'm not sure how it's advertising their company product...

    ...I'm suddenly really thirsty. Anybody want to hit up the bar and grab a beer?

  • crockpot chicken enchiladas

    you buying?

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