Start Your Own Traveling Show: Unicorn Finger Puppet Kit

January 8, 2015


This is the $6 Handicorn Finger Puppet Set available from Archie McPhee. It turns your hand into a little unicorn. Draw some little unicorn buttcheeks and a starfish at the base of your hand for added realism. Then develop a whole puppet show story and perform for your friends! Don't have any friends? I'll be your friend. We'll do fun things together like watch me play video games, make me food, run my errands -- you know, normal friend stuff. "That sounds like more like a personal assistant." Wow, clearly you don't know shit about true friendship.

Keep going for one more shot of a Handicorn romping around in the grass in front of a rainbow.


Thanks to Stephanie A, who's holding out for a centaur version so the two can do battle in the epic third act of her finger puppet show.

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