Space Walk: High Heels That Look Like Meteorites

January 27, 2015


These are the Meteorite shoes created by Studio Swine for Microsoft (presumably for an ad, but possibly because Bill Gates has a meteor fetish). They 3-D scanned real meteorites from the Museum of Natural History, then used a milling machine to carve the shoes' outers from aluminum foam. The results are out of this world. Just kidding, the results are totally OF this world because a meteorite isn't a meteorite until it survives entry into earth's atmosphere. If they were out of this world they would be METEOROID shoes. Just a little astronomy lesson for you. Also, my penis is an event horizon.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Jeff S, who wants sun shoes that shoot fireballs with every step, like a way cooler version of those light-up shoes for kids.

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