'Saint Optimus Of Prime' 122-Piece Stained Glass Window

January 9, 2015


This is 'St. Optimus Of Prime', a 122-piece stained glass piece made by software engineer Craig Kovatch (the first stained glass project of his life). You know, I've always loved stained glass. The color it invites into a room is just so beautiful. It's like, SURPRISE, here's a rainbow for you! You know what's at the end of a rainbow? "A pot of gold?" No, a W. See what I did there? It took no smarts whatsoever and to be perfectly honest I'm really embarrassed about it. It's staying though because I'm trying to get to the bar for happy hour today before it even starts. Which, for the record, is at 1PM.

Keep going for a couple making-of shots.




Thanks to SA, who agrees stained glass is infinitely cooler than unstained glass, unless that unstained glass happens to be a clear beer bottle, in which case that's pretty cool too.

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