Ruh-Roh!: Official Scooby Doo LEGO Sets Coming

January 26, 2015


This is the first look at two Scooby Doo LEGO sets due for release this August. Just like my prison pen-pal Snakebird! All the characters will be available as minifigs, and the sets include the Mystery Machine, Dracula's Castle, Mummy Museum Mystery and the Haunted Lighthouse. But let's go back to my prison pen-pal. I'm kind of worried about his release because I think he's in love with me. And not just because I told him I'm a 6-foot blonde named Victoria, but I did do that. What? I feel like the exercise helps me write Geekologie better. I did this for you basically. So if he kills me, my blood is on your hands.

Keep going for a shot of Dracula's Castle.


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  • Spartacus

    Remember the Speed Buggy/Scooby-Doo crossover, ? I feel old.

  • Jason

    Shaggy still looks stoned, even as a Lego

  • Jenness

    Why does Scoopy have a huge hole in his back?

  • MustacheHam


  • Closet Nerd

    Zoinks! That, like, ROCKS!!!!
    ....just sayin

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