PlayBOX 4One: PS4 And XBox One Stuffed Into Laptop

January 14, 2015


This is the PlayBOX 4One, a Playstation 4 and XBox One stuffed into a custom laptop case by modder Eddie Zarick. It comes complete with a 22-inch 1080p screen. I'm going to make one myself, then take it to Starbucks and play video games and drink coffee and yell at the screen all day. I will be asked to leave, but I won't. I paid for this coffee, I'll stay if I want! And another thing -- this cup says 'Jenny', how hard is it to spell my name right?! "That isn't your coffee, sir." MY BAD, LADY, MY BAD.

Keep going for a video tour of the system.

Thanks to GL, who takes his gaming consoles with him everywhere. Even to the bathroom. Even to just pee.

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