Pizza Bedding Now Available With Hawaiian Toppings

January 15, 2015


Remember that pepperoni & cheese pizza bedding? And that cheeseburger bedding? Well now the same company is back with this Hawaiian pizza bedding. You know, it's weird how upset some people get about Hawaiian pizza. "PINEAPPLE DOESN'T F***ING BELONG ON A PIZZA!" Sir, please put down the table. SIR -- put down the table or I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Also, to get tested for steroids. I do think it's weird though that the first new pizza bedding they come out with after pepperoni is Hawaiian. I thought they would have gone with meat-lover's or veggie. You know what they should do though? Make pizza bedding WHERE YOU GET TO PICK THE TOPPINGS. Just like a real pizza! What would you get? I'd get sausage and mushroom with hair and green army men.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best pizza topping isn't a topping at all -- it's the ice cream you have for dessert afterwards.

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