People Reacting To Tesla's 'Insane Mode' Button That Launches Car From 0 - 60MPH In 3.2 Seconds

January 28, 2015


Note: First video has tons of cussing on account of being launched like a rocket. Second video has all the cuss words edited out. Don't watch that one.

This is a video of Brooks from DragTimes demonstrating the Tesla P85D's 'Insane Mode' on unsuspecting passengers. After coming to a complete stop and engaging the insane mode button, the car launches from 0 - 60MPH in 3.2 seconds. That's like, supercar fast. The Tesla P85D starts at around $120,000, and will be used exclusively as my getaway car of choice for all future bank robberies. I mean, after the one I have to pull off to buy the car in the first place. Hopefully a 2004 Prius with bad brakes will work for that one.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to SimonSays, who didn't actually say anything, he just copy and pasted a link.

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