People Experiencing Virtual Reality P0rn For First Time

January 27, 2015


Note: Video is relatively SFW, but audio isn't because people say a lot of dirty words when they're describing their experience. Best watched on your phone under the covers before bed tonight.

This is a video of a bunch of folks demoing some virtual reality p0rn for the first time. Apparently the program isn't interactive, but you can look around in every direction like at your partner's face, or their privates. Me? I would close my eyes and try to pretend I'm having real sex. You know what the worst thing about immersive virtual reality p0rn is? It's like masturbating with a blindfold on and earbuds in -- you won't even know when your roommate gets home and sees you. Plus in my mind they brought company over.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Waiter, who took my order then disappeared. Seriously, I haven't seen him in like 40 minutes and I could use a refill on my root beer.

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