Oh Baby, You: Muppets Perform Biz Markie's 'Just A Friend'

January 26, 2015


This is a bunch of Muppets footage edited by Youtuber isthishowyougoviral to appear that Rowlf the Dog is singing Biz Markie's iconic 'Just A Friend' to Miss Piggy (previously: the Beastie Boys' 'So Watcha Want' and Naughty By Nature's 'Hip Hop Hooray'). Really, Miss Piggy -- Kermit is just a friend? Then how do you explain THIS PHOTO?! "You took a picture up the leg of your athletic shorts?" Wrong photo, wrong photo.

Keep going for the video, plus BONUS Biz Markie's original music video for the song.

Thanks to Brandon W, who agrees it's only a matter of time before every song has an edited Muppets version. And on that day, God willing, the world will explode.

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