Nike Promises Back To The Future II Power Lacing Air MAGs Later This Year

January 9, 2015


According to a recent statement made by Nike innovation chief (yes, that's a real position) Tinker Hatfield (yes, that's the most appropriate name ever for an innovation chief), Nike will release Back To The Future II self-lacing Air MAGS later this year. No word how much they'll cost, but if they're anything like the rest of the collectible shoes Nike sells, my guess is is a small fortune. Sure I still want a pair, I just don't have hundreds of dollars to throw around for shoes that, inevitably, I'm going to wake up on a stranger's lawn some morning wearing only one of.

Thanks to Suz, mounted dino head (hello there!) and Jeffrey S, who don't need Power Laces because Velcro works great and is super cheap.

  • Steven Collatos

    don't be makin fun of tinker hatfield, he is the man!


    Didn't they release this shit back in 2011 (see relevant geekologie article - )

    I didn't care then and I especially don't care now.

  • archer923

    I hope it's actually gonna be mas produced. And not some some BS crap that majority can't buy.

  • S.M. Archer

    Damnit Nike! Don't you dare ruin my childhood! I swear on all that is holy!

  • Tyguy

    I would not have any respect for someone wearing these....for many reasons.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Who cares, I want my hydrator!

  • Bat Boy

    Haha. Finally the first to comment. I love this website more then my life. No seriously, but that's not saying much. Anyway I'll get to the point. These shoes look beautiful.

  • Metaphysics

    Your life must be pretty shit. I suggest you improve or end it.

  • Bat Boy

    Aw man look at this morose motherfucker right here. Fuck If I had 3 wishes each one of them would be for you to death on my rod.

  • shashi

    Smells like someone shit in his cereal, although you did post a cheesy 'FIRST!' comment so... i shall cut the blame in half and each man will get.... death!

  • Bat Boy

    HA HA.. Shit in his cereal. This guy gets it. Nah really though I'm just a fan. Cool shit on this site and there are few sites I know like this that I couldn't care less about.

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