New Laser-Etched Metal Is So Hydrophobic Water Droplets Bounce Off Like Bouncy Balls

January 23, 2015


This is a piece of metal that's been laser-etched with "micro- and nanoscale structures" by scientists at the University of Rochester to increase its hydrophobic (water-repellant) properties. The scientists believe it's a significantly better solution than chemical coatings, not only in effectiveness, but in durability (it allegedly won't wear off). Obviously, I want my skin etched like this so I never have to carry an umbrella.

The applications can be revolutionary: From the construction of airplane surfaces--which will avoid water freezing of the fuselage--to non-stick pans to phones to computers to TVs to cars to whatever you can imagine made of metal. They are also thinking of applying the technique to create 100-percent efficient water recollection systems in underdeveloped countries and the creation of latrines in areas where water is not abundant enough to allow for effective cleaning.

Heck yeah, I'd love to pee on something like this. Which reminds me -- when I was growing up my best friend's house had carpet in the bathroom. Like, around the toilet and everything. That still grosses me out. Granted I'm not sure how that relates to this story, but to be honest I'm not sure how most of the stuff I say ever relates to the story. This is just par for the course. "I give it a double-bogey." I'll take it, now let's hit the clubhouse for some cocktails.

Keep going for two videos including demos but also a whole bunch of talking.

Thanks to Cynthia, who agrees this could really revolutionize the effectiveness of tin-foil hats in the rain.

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