Mythical Meals: The Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladle

January 21, 2015


You know what the best part about soup is? You can still eat it even with no teeth. That will come in handy when we're all 400-years old. You know what the worst parts are? A lot of times it's too hot, bland, and it's easy to spill. Plus it's not a steak. This is the Nessie Ladle designed by OTOTO and available from Animi Causa ($16). It makes it look like there's a little cartoonish Nessie swimming around in your soup pot. Plus it's functional! I'd have to say of all modern mythical beasts, I think Nessie is my favorite. Followed by Bigfoot, Santa, and the Bogeyman. Most people don't like the idea of a Bogeyman living in their closet, but I'm pretty desperate for a friend right now. Plus like, every night could be a sleepover.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the best soup isn't found at Souplantation, no matter that their radio ads might say.

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