My God, Those Arms: Scary Realistic Popeye Figurine

January 2, 2015


PROTIP: Never skip leg day.

Did everybody have a nice New Year's? That's cool, I think I was laying in the shower when the ball dropped. MY balls. HIYO -- I'm an adult now. This is a limited edition (of 500) "realistic" looking 12-inch Popeye figure designed by Head Toys and available for pre-order for $300 (that's a lot of spinach). Those arms, my God. Popeye must also have an equally impressive penis, because otherwise there's no way he wouldn't have already ripped it off and thrown it into outerspace by accident. And yes, that's my professional medical opinion (one of my New Year's resolutions is to pretend I'm a doctor more often).

Keep going for one more shot of the spinach > steroids.


Thanks to Rayzor, who tried arm-wrestling Popeye once and is now paralyzed from the toes up.

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