Mercedes' Tortoise And The Hare Super Bowl Commercial

January 27, 2015


Because a lot of businesses are worried the New England Patriots will steal their Super Bowl commercials before the big game, some companies have decided to take a proactive approach and begin releasing their ads early (previously: Bud Light's Pac-Man commercial). This is Mercedes Benz's Tortoise And The Hare themed commercial for the AMG GT. The AMG GT starts at around $130,000, so obviously I just ordered two in different colors to match my outfits. "You're wearing athletic shorts and no shirt." I know -- one's for now, the other is for when I get tan.

Keep going for the commercial.

Thanks to Dave, who agrees there's nothing wrong with a reliable '98 Camry.

  • Ellie
  • Robert McGuire

    It was good, a bit dull. It could've spiced up a bit with a model being the flag person at the beginning and at the end receiving the winner!

  • TheQiwiMan

    Ok, seriously? What kind of mouth-breathing idiot gives one single solitary crap about Super Bowl commercials? All commercials are to be treated like children: ignored completely until they eventually starve to death so they stop interrupting my entertainment.

  • dougfunnay

    stop posting commercials gw
    i desperately try to avoid this shit on tv why would i want to see it here?

  • WronglyRabbit

    You see he was going to say "slow and steady my ass", but you couldn't hear 'ass' because the engine was revving up. That just blew my mind, and the car is totally not stupid looking either.

  • Drew Rochon

    I wonder if going airborne like that voids any part of the warranty ...

  • ChristopherGeorgeLatoreWallace

    One of duh worst commercials ever redone. It's like 1980 all over again.

  • its no fairytale

  • YipYap

    That was funny. Love the plot twist.

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