Man Sculpts Tauntaun Snowman, Poses On Top Of It

January 26, 2015


Note: Obviously, it's not called a tauntaun snowman, it's a snowtauntaun.

This is the snowtauntaun made by Redditor Xnipek's friend. That is definitely one tauntaun I wouldn't want to slice open and try sleeping inside of. Honestly, I don't know if I could do that to any tauntaun. I could sleep inside a bear though, but only if it swallowed me whole. What do you think would come out of this tauntaun if you sliced it open anyways? Snowballs? Ice cubes? Like crushed ice or actual cubes? Because I like the ice cubes that look like little pieces of gravel.

Thanks to Brown, my second favorite color behind green.

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