Man 'Rediscovers' Ancient Badass Archery Techniques

January 26, 2015


Nice try, Time Lord -- I recognize a TARDIS when I see one!

You may have already seen it since it was all the rage over the weekend, but this is a video of Danish archer Lars Andersen demonstrating some of the amazing archery techniques he's dug up by studying historical texts and images. It's sort of an updated/more professionally developed version of this video of Anderson I posted back in 2013. Highlights include being able to catch arrows shot at him and shoot them back, firing three arrows in 0.6 seconds while in the air, and SPLITTING AN ARROW SHOT AT HIM IN HALF WITH HIS OWN ARROW. Obviously, Lars could easily take you out even if you came at him with a machine gun. Mounted on a tank. Aboard a warship.

Keep going for the video.

  • Ben Mendoza

    I just rediscovered an ancient rock throwing technique. When he can catch a bullet in the air and reshoot it in a gun I'll be impressed.

  • Dyrge

    Fast archer is shitty archer! If you notice, all of his shots are from within 20 feet of the target. Anyone can hit a target when you are that close. He isn't even hitting center. And his grouping is horrible.

  • iram84mx


  • Shawn Bibby

    Well he could kill me...

  • TBozzly

    Old internet is old

  • $18889437

    How is he both so amazingly coordinated... and so amazingly uncoordinated at the same time?

  • shashi

    Maybe its the archers version of drunken master kung fu ooooor maybe he's drunk.

  • WronglyRabbit

    I am confused, how is he such a bad-ass archer and an epic nerd at the same time.

  • Sabocat!


  • cardstock

    "This method is both faster and better." Thank you for your valuable commentary that it is "better."

  • Andyman7714

    "This method is both faster and *BANG*..."

  • nanCY

    Most amazing part is that he's such a great marksman, yet still throws like a girl at 2:10 !!

  • Wiley

    I would appreciate it if more skilled marksman, anything from bowmen to rifles, would shout 'pew pew' more. I mean, you actually have a real excuse to...
    Such a waste.

    Edit: And before I get, "messes with breathing, alters shot." no excuses.

  • Benmark

    WHOA! This dude is crazy awesome!

  • Conrado Parra

    This could've made Legolas more genuinely badass

  • Jordan Nass

    That and having someone other than Orlando Bloom play him.

  • Guest

    Brilliant video.

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