Knife Thrower Hits Assistant Twice, Almost Stabs In Face

January 6, 2015


This is a video from a Lithuanian talent show of some guy who claims his skill is knife throwing, although I suspect his real talent is killing assistants. When attempting to knife giant playing cards out of his assistant's hands, he manages to hit him with the knives both times (1:17 and 1:30). Then, when trying to slice a melon above his head, he nearly scalps the poor bastard. That's when the assistant calls it quits, and rightfully so. Apparently both his hands are bleeding by the end and there's a pool of blood gathering at his feet around 4:45. No word how many women Stabby McAimless has actually sawed in half trying to perform magic tricks, but my guess is enough to get comfortable having to change his name and spend some time out of the country after every performance.

Keep going for a video of the my God, you suck at that.

Thanks to SD, who's convinced there's no better way to learn how to throw knives than having to throw them at someone you love.

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