Japanese Robot Turns Snow Into Bricks Of Ice

January 27, 2015


Note: Article was originally posted January 3, 2008, but because the internet is cyclical the story is going around again so I edited it and moved it to the front page.

Seen here looking suspiciously like Jake from Adventure Time in tank form, Yuki-taro is a Japanese robot that drives down the street sucking in snow and packing it into bricks of ice that he stacks on a shelf behind him. He's loaded with two video cameras and a GPS tracking system to help ensure he doesn't make ice blocks out of any of the homeless that may be sleeping in the snowbank he's working on. No word on what the Japanese use the ice blocks for, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say for a sweet ice-domino maze. Also, this was on Fox News with the title 'Robot Eats Snow, Poops Out Bricks of Ice'. "Poops out" -- really? No serious news organization should ever use the phrase "Poops out" in a headline. Leave that to Geekologie. Next on Fox News: 'Man Scarfs Down World's Largest Pizza, Blows Chunks But Still Manages To Take Record-Breaking Crapola.' Wow, okay, that's an amazing headline.

A big thanks to Brytne, who gets two thumbs up, for the tip. (Wait -- that's how I used to write shoutouts?!)

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