It's Kinda Cute: Rare Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore

January 30, 2015


This is a photo of an incredibly rare-to-see (on account of living in the deep sea) 15-foot megamouth shark that washed ashore in the Philippines this week. Apparently there have only been 60 confirmed megamouth shark captures and sightings to date. That's pretty rare. It kind of looks like a Pokemon. Megamouth shark -- I choose you! Uh, Megamouth? MEGAMOUTH! *poking with a stick* "It's dead." Go forth, Megamouth -- your training is complete.

Keep going for one more shot of the freaky deaky monster. It doesn't even look real.


Thanks to Alexander, who informed me megamouth sharks only eat plankton and krill and not mermaids and other sharks like I suspected.

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