It's A Droid!: Lady Gets R2-D2 Painted Pregnant Belly

January 22, 2015


This is future mom Stefaney Giordano's R2-D2 painted pregnant belly. I like the perspective of R2's head, that was a nice touch rather than just a top-down version. Now according to my estimates, I put Stefaney at like, what, two months pregnant? I'm not very good at these things. Also, is that dress made specifically for exposing your bare pregnant belly? Because I bet my gut would look pretty sweet in one of those. *jiggling belly* What do you think? "I think I literally just saw full, unbroken Doritos fall from between your fat rolls." Well that's embarrassing. But be honest with me -- did they look fresh or stale?

Keep going for two more shots.



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