Where's My Foil Hat?: NASA Allegedly Cuts International Space Station Live Feed After UFO Is Spotted

January 22, 2015


This is a video recorded from a live feed of the International Space Station that was allegedly cut off immediately following an unidentified object appearing on screen. The object, which can best be described as some form of alien penis space cloud, appears to rise above earth on the right side of the screen before the feed gets cut. So, what was it? Apparently some guy already debunked it being a lens artifact or the moon. Obviously, since the simplest explanation is often the right one, I'm standing by my alien penis space cloud theory.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CaptainHeb, who tried to tell me it was a star fart.

  • Manuel de Moustache

    the thing that i don't understand is that most people already believe in aliens. so whats even the big deal, if they are real. nobody is losing their mind and they already fully believe in it as if it is real

  • ProdigyJX

    Or...It's just something small up close to the lens that couldn't be seen until it floated up past the light colours. Visual effects are sometimes created this way. Could be a large number of things but of them all, I hope it's a UFO!

  • MarkHenrysPopcornChicken

    Don't worry guys, It's just George Clooney from Gravity...

  • cardstock

    It has to be real. OR DO YOU NOT HEAR THAT SPOOKY MUSIC?

  • Someone on the space station was playing extraterrestrial Mindcraft! NASA cut the feed, because they didn't want us to know about the "Science" they are performing up there! :)

  • TheQiwiMan

    WHY has no one thought to give this footage to one of those CSI or Law & Oder shows so they can ZOOM AND ENHANCE?!?!?

  • Nick Harrell

    Hold it, run that back, stop, zoom in right there, zoom in, enhance, OH MY GOD

  • Yaboistucco

    Probably a mandatory blackout for government satellites passing by.

  • GWZipper

    It's a sprite (lightning)

  • shashi
  • sizzlepants

    Wouldn't detonating a nuclear device (for testing purposes - obviously) cause a rupture of sorts in the atmosphere? Would it cause matter to be propelled outward into space?

  • Wonfis

    If you did it in space? Not really. You get a huge EMP effect and an aurora and a lot of heating. The Soviets apparently made one of their power plants burn down by mistake doing that.

  • Jai Mico

    I work in the movie industry and it is so easy to fake videos, if you want to know about photoshop equivalent for video search Nuke Compositing software

  • DrZanz

    While I'm sure you do, I hope you aren't implying NASA fake their own footage... Whaaaaaat?

  • Jai Mico

    It is Probably just Space junk

  • shashi

    that is a nice bit of software. thanks for sharing.

  • Ashraf Mansour

    The moon isn't that small compared to earth and the zoomed in shots don't look ball shaped

  • Wonfis

    How often does the moon look ball-shaped from Earth, though? It's just in shadow.

  • BMan56

    Just look up "moonrise ISS" and you'll see it's the same size in that image as it is here. Just the moon.

  • JJtoob

    Depending on the optics used, the Moon can look tiny compared to Earth, and it won't always look round depending on its current phase.

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