Guy Spends $35,000 Renovating Home Into Kitty Paradise For His 18 Cats (Wait -- Did That Say 18?)

January 27, 2015


Note: Post originally appeared February 18, 2014 but, SURPRISE, the internet is full of recyclables today and I'm the recycling man. No, no I'm not, but I will look through your garbage for anything that will help me steal your identity.

These are shots of the Goleta, California home of a man who dropped $35,000 renovating the house to better suit his 18 cats. I mean, cool, but if I'm dropping $35,000 on home renovations for cats you better believe it's to build them their own apartment in the backyard.

Custom tunnels, walkways, ledges and even a spiral step complete with a climbing pole were installed in an effort to house a collection of kitties that started at one and grew to about 18. With a central location and specialized ventilation for all of the litter box action, the home really does have everything that a cat enthusiast might need- along with plenty of entertainment from the creative use of built-ins and thoughtful spots for cats to utilize.

Admittedly, if I were a cat I would probably want to live there. I'm not a cat though, I'm a human. Meow meow meow meow meow. "What was that?" Um...nothing? *licks butthole, scratches couch, purrs* "Oh my God, you ARE a cat!" No, but I am a chick. Jk jk, but sometimes I do dream I'm one. This one dream I had over the weekend -- I wish you could have seen my tits, I was so PROUD of them. They were like, full D-cups with star-shaped nipples. Well, one was a star, the other was a three-leaf clover. "You sure they weren't Lucky Charm marshmallows?" No I am not.

Keep going for a bunch more shots and a video of what a wealthy cat-gentleman's house looks like.







Thanks to Jezz and Richard O, who have spent over $6 in upgrades for their ant farms.

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