Glowing Earbud Cord Pulses To Music, Your Heartbeat

January 29, 2015


This is the already funded Kickstarter for $150 Glow Headphones. Glow headphones (wait -- did that say $150?) come in red, blue and green and contain a laser and light-diffusing fiber cord that pulses to the music you're listening to. OR your heartbeat (provided they meet their $1,000,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter). Me? Because I'm just a figment of your imagination I don't actually have a heartbeat. Here: put your head to my chest and listen. What do you hear? "Your stomach rumbling?" Wrong, that's my left tit begging for a squeeze. Well -- go on!

Keep going for a couple more pictures and their Kickstarter video.




Thanks to Daniel D, who agrees light-up headphones make it infinitely harder to hide from the cops and should only be employed by the stealthiest of ninjas.

  • Regina Peterson

    These headphones look like they would be a big hit for night runners. I run a lot at night, and I often don't have reflective gear, but this could serve that role for me. Does it blink with the beat, or is it always on? http://www.learningheadphon...

  • kevin

    "Rob me first! I have a highly disposable income!"

    ^What these really do for you while running in the dark.


    don't even know why this was even on kick starter when the product itself existed since the early 2000s... it's like someone trying to kick start the concept of putting ketchup on California rolls...

  • GeneralDisorder

    It would seem that these are normal headphones with EL wire wrapped around the normal wire (although they look pretty neat and trim compared to the sort of thing you could pull off at home).

    Of course what this means is the EL wire needs alternating current and the headphones likely use DC. That explains the battery (it probably just makes the EL wire glow so if these things require the battery to be charged to play music that's what I call a design flaw).

    Seems like a neat concept. Seems incredibly wasteful though.

  • thathirdrail

    Ive already bought a pair and sent it to China. We should see them hit the market here for about $10 a pair in about 4 months.- thank me later

  • Maureen Carpenter

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  • thathirdrail

    Last week i put liquid paper on a bee. It died.

  • Jenness

    $1 Mil to create glowing headphones?? Seems sketchy. I want to wait until Bill Gates invests and then I might throw in a buck.

  • Kaizer Chief

    $1 mil is the goal for them to synchronise it with your heartbeat.

  • Andrew Newton

    A 100,000 is their goal. When people comment on kick starter projects, it astounds me how many treat it like it's a charity or fundraiser. Apart from the $1 option, you're buying something for your money, not just giving them a donation.

  • Jenness

    People have been burned by Kickstartr places is why who have given but never received the tier level 'gift' they were promised. So for some Kickstartr companies they treated it as a charity with no intention of honoring their end of the deal. Case in point - I'm STILL waiting for my hand drawn cat sketch and bumper sticker "Mr. Writing the Save the World Book Dude" SCAM ARTIST

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