Glowing Earbud Cord Pulses To Music, Your Heartbeat

January 29, 2015


This is the already funded Kickstarter for $150 Glow Headphones. Glow headphones (wait -- did that say $150?) come in red, blue and green and contain a laser and light-diffusing fiber cord that pulses to the music you're listening to. OR your heartbeat (provided they meet their $1,000,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter). Me? Because I'm just a figment of your imagination I don't actually have a heartbeat. Here: put your head to my chest and listen. What do you hear? "Your stomach rumbling?" Wrong, that's my left tit begging for a squeeze. Well -- go on!

Keep going for a couple more pictures and their Kickstarter video.




Thanks to Daniel D, who agrees light-up headphones make it infinitely harder to hide from the cops and should only be employed by the stealthiest of ninjas.

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