Girl Catching Piranhas By Hand With Piece Of Raw Meat

January 8, 2015


This is a video of a Brazilian girl catching piranhas by dangling a piece of raw meat in the water, waiting for the piranhas to bite it, then tossing them in a bucket. A fairly solid technique. That plank she's standing on? Not very solid. What's the opposite of something that's solid? "A gas?" What is this, chemistry class? That was a bad answer, now give me that apple of yours -- it's mine now. "It's a pomegranate." What is this, botany class? I said bring it to me, and make it snappy. "But I broke my femur, I'm on crutches." Does this look like anatomy class to you? No, this is sex ed -- now toss me the fruit so I can get back to teaching the kids who actually care about learning about boners and what all you can do with them. Thank you. Now class -- who here can tell me what causes morning wood, and is it something I should tell my doctor about?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Mario, who wants to know why all the piranhas at the pet store always seem to be missing one eye.

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