Gah, SO CLOSE!: Texting Man Almost Walks Into Bear

January 22, 2015


Note: This post is originally from April 10, 2012. I just saw the video being posted around Facebook and figured I'd move it to the front page. You see, Facebook is like a clothes dryer. It's just all the same stuff going around and around and around. Occasionally, you open the door and a pair of warm panties (in my mind a pair with a frilly waistband and sheer back) fall out onto the ground. In this case, a video of a guy on a cell phone almost walking into a bear is that pair of panties. The original post:

This is a video of a bear running around in a California neighborhood being filmed by a news helicopter when some guy who's texting almost walks right into the thing. I kinda wish he would have. Is that wrong of me? Because I don't feel like it is. If you walk around so oblivious that you don't notice a giant bear in front of you eventually you ARE going to walk into traffic. At least this would have a sort of gladiator feel to it. TWO BEASTS ENTER, ONLY ONE LEAVES. Who will win, the bear, or the man with the cell ph-- okaaaaay, we didn't even have time to place bets.

Hit the jump for the WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

Open Post: Hosted By An Anti-Texting And Walking PSA [dlisted]

Thanks to Yogi (I approve) and Jillian, who text the old fashioned way: just calling.

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