Gah, SO CLOSE!: Texting Man Almost Walks Into Bear

January 22, 2015


Note: This post is originally from April 10, 2012. I just saw the video being posted around Facebook and figured I'd move it to the front page. You see, Facebook is like a clothes dryer. It's just all the same stuff going around and around and around. Occasionally, you open the door and a pair of warm panties (in my mind a pair with a frilly waistband and sheer back) fall out onto the ground. In this case, a video of a guy on a cell phone almost walking into a bear is that pair of panties. The original post:

This is a video of a bear running around in a California neighborhood being filmed by a news helicopter when some guy who's texting almost walks right into the thing. I kinda wish he would have. Is that wrong of me? Because I don't feel like it is. If you walk around so oblivious that you don't notice a giant bear in front of you eventually you ARE going to walk into traffic. At least this would have a sort of gladiator feel to it. TWO BEASTS ENTER, ONLY ONE LEAVES. Who will win, the bear, or the man with the cell ph-- okaaaaay, we didn't even have time to place bets.

Hit the jump for the WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

Open Post: Hosted By An Anti-Texting And Walking PSA [dlisted]

Thanks to Yogi (I approve) and Jillian, who text the old fashioned way: just calling.

  • What happened did the bear eat the guy? Did it eat the phone ? or they started tweeting together ?

  • Jamssx

    F☆.。.:* you tribune! Triple F☆.。.:*・゚ing you!

  • WTF?  The Tribune can eat a dick.

  • a copyright claim? The copyright of what? bears?

  • The_Happy_Jackass

    Video removed due to copyright claim....

  • Quinnton M

    video is down

  • Guest

    So the moral of this video is folks: Don't get glued to that screen or you'll encounter something you won't a hungry bear.

  • Chad Burton

    he was barley luck to get away

  • bryson lindy

    I hate oblivious texters as much as the next guy, but in the defence of the person in this video, he was in his own backyard lol. I don't think I am alone in thinking that 10 feet outside my house is a safe texting zone.

  • Azariel_z

    Did he spill some soup on his bowl???

    If you know what i mean....

  • At first I thought this said "A man almost walks into a bar." I was like damn geekologie has sunk low.

  • @facebook-100003556603767:disqus  were you doing the "Bitch Please" face when you commented?

  • Christopher Vazquez

    that news for you they show u how to laugh at this man trying to make sure he lives  fuck the the new the net knows depending where it gets the info this is bull but hey laugh all u want

  • oni099

    what were they going to do crash the chopper into it lol and he got away pretty quick

  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

  • Lee

    First. Also what a woman. Bears aren't scary.

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