Funtional Fashion: A Multi-Tool Worn As A Bracelet

January 27, 2015


The Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool (available this summer) is a 25-function multi-tool worn around the wrist or penis like a bracelet. It has a bunch of screwdriver bits and box wrenches, as well as a cutting hook, glass breaker, and bottle opener. Gotta have a bottle opener. Otherwise how you gonna open all those beers when you're out in the woods? What if a bear offers you a cold one and you don't have a bottle opener? That might make him angry. And then what are you gonna do with an angry bear on your hands? "Wrestle him to death." GOOD ANSWER -- we should go camping sometime. You carry all the heavy stuff, I'll bring the s'mores and nudie magazines. "Wait -- why do we need nudie magazines?" To trade the bears for honey! Also, the only tool I need is *pointing down at pants* right here. "Your penis?" God no, that thing's useless, I have a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket.

Keep going for a video about the thing.

Thanks to Joseph H, who doesn't need a multi-tool because he carries a toolbox everywhere he goes. Me? I'm a fanny pouch kinda gal.

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