First-Person POV Running From Zombies Parkour Video

January 9, 2015


This is a first-person POV video of a survivor trying to escape a group of the undead by parkouring his face off over the rooftops of Cambridge, UK. Is it enough to get away and live to see another day? SPOILER: No it is not. So the next time you're preparing for the zombie apocalypse, maybe consider adding something a little more deadly to your arsenal besides "sick parkour moves."

Keep going for the video. Also, I actually pinched this video from our sister video site Hedonistica, which you should all be checking every day. Now head over there and stick it to the man by watching videos for the rest of the afternoon. Can't watch Youtube at work? Use a proxy server. I don't know, get creative. Just don't get fired, because I may need your help covering rent this month.

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