Feather Tea: Japanese Cafe Full Of Domesticated Owls

January 5, 2015


Fukuro no Mise is a cafe in Tsukishima, Japan, with a bunch of domesticated owls that patrons can interact with (have sit on own hand/shoulder, take pictures with). It's extremely popular though, so you have to get in line before they open, pay 2,000 (~$17), then come back at your call time and you get to hang out with the owls for an hour. Will one choose you to accompany you to Hogwarts?! No, you are not a wizard. And definitely not a Gryffindor like you pretend to be. Be honest -- how many times did you have to change your answers on that Buzzfeed quiz before you finally got something other than Hufflepuff? I'm a Ravenclaw. Jk jk, I'm coleslaw.

Keep going for several more pictures of one of my dream worlds.





Thanks to Stephanie A, who has never interacted with an owl before but was forced to play pink flamingo mallet croquet with the Queen of Hearts once.

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